Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Words of the Day: SETTEE and CANAPÉ

Two words frequently used in the antique trade are "settee" and “canapé”  and yet what exactly do they mean? 

Well, I know you're expecting me to tell you that a canapé is something you eat at a cocktail party.

And you're exactly right. I like to call canapés "finger food" because it sounds moronic and slightly creepy.  Here's how you'd use this "canapé" word in a sentence: "She could tell from Buzz's 38-inch waist that he'd eaten way too many canapés in his day."

And here are some tasty examples:
List price: $1.90 each

But don't be fooled: these are different from antique canapés. Why? Because these are new and fresh (and if not, you'll find out about 4 am). Antique canapés are over 100 years old and are not, repeat NOT, edible.

Besides, this blog isn't supposed to be about catering (at least as far as I know). Here, we're only interested in the antique canapés along with their kissing cousins, the Settees.  Hey, weren't they that Girl Group that recorded "He's a Rebel" in the 60's? I loved that song, especially the line where the one gal sings "Sure he's bad but he's not EVIL" And then the back- up singers chirp, "Tell me mo', tell me mo'...."

In any event, for some actually useful information about settees and canapés, go to my comments on Decorati's Antique Canapés and Settees.


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