Friday, March 3, 2017


Art+Auction March Issue was all about the celebration of Asian art and artifacts - and (of course!) featured two of our C. Mariani Han Dynasty Urns in their Must-Haves section! Yay!

1. A PAIR OF CARVED MANDARINS in polychromed wood, China, circa 1760; €35,000 ($37,500) from blah blah dealer. 2. HAN DYNASTY GLAZED CERAMIC URN, China, 206 B.C.-A.D.220; $9,500 at C. Mariani Antiques, Restoration & Custom, San Francisco. 3. HAN DYNASTY JAR in terracotta, China, 206 B.C.-A.D.220; $9,500 at C. Mariani Antiques, Restoration & Custom, San Francisco. 4. NORTHERN QI DYNASTY CARVED STATUE OF THE BUDDHA in limestone, China, A.D. 550-577; £25,500 ($32,000) from blah blah blah dealer. 5. MINIATURE HAND-CARVED CABINET in ebonized wood and gilt, China, late 19th century; $3,875 for a pair from another blah blah dealerr. 6. LACQUERED AND GILT WOOD CABINET ON STAND decorated with birds, Foo dogs, and foliage, China, circa 1890; $4,950 from another blah blah place 7. QING DYNASTY CARVED STATUE OF GUANYIN in lacquered wood with gilt gesso, China, 17th-18th century; $10,000 from yet another blah blah blah. "Blah" edits are courtesy of me. :) Like I want to promote competitors? Uh, not gonna happen.

The Western interest in Asian art and artifacts really grew in the 17th and 18th centuries as many items were imported from Asia during this time. The popularity and intrigue of these unique and "exotic" items grew dramatically in England, France and Italy. More recently, terra cotta urns have become more popular in both the design and art worlds. These Han Dynasty (206 BCE-9CE) Jars or "Hu" (meaning jar in Chinese) were used to store wines, oils and various commodities like grains.

Here are the two urns featured in the article:
PLUS, the lacquered and gilt wood chest on a stand shown in the article above is beautiful, but we have some stunners in that category as well (you KNEW I couldn't just shut up!). To quote Siri, who after all does know everything, Take a Look:

No. 3696 An Early 19th Century Chinese or Possibly Korean Black Lacquered Trunk with Abalone Inlay

Have a great weekend! Buzz