Sunday, May 31, 2009

This photo that has nothing to do with antiques...except beauty

I realize that this is an antique blog. 

But I was planting impatiens in my backyard today (it's Sunday!) and came across this amazing photo I wanted share with you. 

Beauty is all around you. For me, I'm lucky to work somewhere that allows me to enjoy some of the most glorious antiques on earth but I'm amazed too at what you can find in your own back yard (while you're saving up for that next antique treasure).

Next post: back to antiques!


Grant K. Gibson said...

I like the break- a breath of fresh air.
Too bad it wasn't more of a sunny day for you- San Francisco summer is here! I personally love it this way.

Sarah G said...

Absolutely lovely, Buzz! Thank you for brightening my Monday morning- with all of my favorite colors.

lady jicky said...

Love impatients. We could not grow them for a couple of years here as they got some sort of mould disease and they would just collapse and rot. Yik.
I hope they have breed a new strain so I can buy them and plant them again! Don't they have just the best colours!