Wednesday, June 8, 2016


I know you think I'm talking about this year's San Francisco Showcase House, which WAS quite a night!

But I'm not. It's just that I've been thinking about becoming a professional DJ on the side. I figure retirement parties and wakes can be my target demographic. And what record could be better for a wake or "celebration of life" song than, "Oh What a Night!" by (and I'm sure not one of you under 40 will know them---but think Jersey Boys) Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons! You tell me if you can't stop from jumping up from your wheelchair and wildly boogaloo'ing to this toe-tapping ditty:

The sad part is that when this came out I had no idea what they were singing about. I know it was "late December back in '63" so I figured it was Christmas night. But I thought it was odd he never mentioned Santa, Elves or Mistletoe. In fact, it sounded like he was breathlessly screaming, "What a lady! What a night! Thunder was striking!" So I figured he was talking about Mother Mary and that he was singing as the "persona" of the Holy Ghost. I was considering converting to Catholicism at the time.

The Holy Ghost on fire (I don't know why)

But if Frankie was serving up "Holy Ghost" realness, I believe the song would have been even better suited for Halloween and could have become an even bigger hit. I'm shocked at how much money the horror genre makes. 

This isn't me (or at least I don't think so) but it shows how stunned I am at the money horror films make.

I don't know who that kid is but I bet she made a bundle in whatever she was in. Just look at all those slasher films with Jamie Lee Curtis! Cha-Ching! But we'll never know because when I called Frankie, he didn't return my call for an interview. His assistant to his assistant said, "Mr.Valli doesn't speak with members of the media." I said,"Wow, thanks!" I'd never been called "media" before so that was pretty cool. :)

Frankie Valli before I called him
Frankie Valli after he blew me off. Nice caps btw

Given that Frankie was, uh, unavailable, let's talk about the latest Showcase extravaganza!

OK, so here I am arriving at the house and cleverly hiding my busted shoulder which I just had surgery on. Ouchee!! But this isn't a forum to promote me or the fact that I was practically a pro athlete, not to mention very stoic when it comes to excruciating pain….whoops…sorry...back to the showcase.

 Note how I'm cleverly (but unsuccessfully) hiding my sling for my busted shoulder. I'm practically a martyr! Hehe-geez I can be revolting sometimes. I prefer to think of myself as self-absorbed.

First, the Showcase House was definitely NO Jersey Boys and thank God for that. The Showcase designers were way more talented, interesting, NorCal locals and put on a better show. Not to pick favorites, but I loved Antonio Martins' Living Room:

Antonio Martins' Living Room.  Photo from The Salon Styliste

Where DID he get those gorgeous Empire Curule Benches!!!! Oh yeah, from me. But, his rooms never disappoint and this year was no exception. Look how deftly he combines modern and transitional with antiques. It's what great design is all about. Mixing not matching.

Room by Antonio Martins, Photo from The Salon Styliste
Room by Antonio Martins, Photo by David Duncan Livingston, T&C Magazine 
Here's Antonio looking great and me looking like Death Eating a Biscuit
And here is the Queen of C. Mariani (well one of the queens but certainly the most fun and uber-smart): Our Gallery Manager, Riana

Another one of my favorite designers this year and another perennial standout is my good friend Heather Hilliard and her amazing team of Fleur and Phebe-they're so talented and so much fun to work with!). This year, Heather didn't disappoint either as you can see from her Garden Room:

Room by Heather Hillard, Photo by Patricia Chang,  SF Curbed

Room by Heather Hillard, Photo by Patricia Chang, SF Curbed

Room by Heather Hillard, Photo by Michele Lee Wilson, T&C Magazine

Room by Heather Hillard, Photo by Patricia Chang, SF Curbed

Who else did I think scored big that night? Stephan Jones did for sure. I worked with Stephan when he was in Chicago and let me tell you, Chicago's loss is San Francisco's gain! Take a look:

Room by Stephan Jones, Photo by Patricia Chang, SF Curbed

I was also really impressed with Tineke Triggs' room--a great example of using neutrals for that calming, serene and timeless look.

Room by Tineke Triggs, Photo by Patricia Chang, SF Curbed

Room by Tineke Triggs, Photo by Patricia Chang, SF Curbed

Room by Tineke Triggs, Photo by Patricia Chang, SF Curbed

Well, my friends, until next year's Showcase, adios, arigato and vaya con dios (whatever that means). ;)