Sunday, January 25, 2009

Molly at the inauguration

Molly attended the Inauguration in Washington. I think it's great that all creeds and breeds were invited. Maybe you saw her on TV:

And below is a photo of the whole family: clockwise-Molly, Jim, Buzz and Sally.


Unknown said...

Wow you even found an antique dog...that is awesome! I don't see a price?

Anonymous said...


You are hilarious! I love that you have created a blog that addresses a very serious topic, but in a fun and accessible way for those of us with no knowledge of antiques whatsoever. I have taken a class at UC Berkeley but would have come away with much more if it had been taught by you! Keep up the good work.

Best to the family!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful picture of the family. Buzz, the blog is great.