Tuesday, February 21, 2012


This year's Marin Showcase is the best one ever and runs through the 26th. So if you haven't gone, go! If nothing else, it's worth it just to see Suzanne Tucker's tour de force Living Room and Study. Photography courtesy of Matthew Millman.

The living room is one of those spaces where everything works. Everything is exquisite. And every piece is one you want to buy:

Suzanne employs a neutral palette that showcases her incredible 17th century ivory inlaid antique commodes, gorgeous multi-colored petrified wood and iron coffee table, brass urn lamps, accent pillows, animal print fabrics, and objets d'art. And then there are those side tables I just wanted to stuff under my shirt and steal. Do you think that makes me bad person? Or just someone who has good taste? Hmmmm.

Insider factoid: Suzanne let me in on a secret as I was gushing over the Living Room: along with all the 7-figure artwork, antiques, and other treasures, she's slipped in a couple of Restoration Hardware pieces that she wrapped in her Suzanne Tucker Home fabric to make them work in perfect harmony with their lush surroundings. Go and see if you can pick them out.

And then there's the Study. Wow.

Scarlett O'Hara should have ripped down SUZANNE'S DRAPES for her dress to go see Rhett. Very unlike those ratty old green "velvet" curtains Scarlett used in the movie. She forgot the cardinal rule: your mother's drapes are never figure-flattering:

And don't get me started about that horrific tassel trim Scarlett masssacred for her hat and sash. Scary. No wonder she didn't get a dime our of Rhett. The hat alone cost the South the war. 

Anyhow, the lush silk drapes in the Marin Study are from Suzanne Tucker Home of course. In any event, if Mammy had made Scarlett's damn dress from SUZANNE'S fabric, Rhett would have coughed up plenty so she could save Tara. It makes me sad. :(

But I digress....

As in the Living Room, the study has that Tucker & Marks' superb sense of taste and style. I mean it practically screams (actually whispers) "I just couldn't be more chic." The subtle way Suzanne combines materials, surfaces and finishes from tortoiseshell to stone to rush seats to gorgeous woods to pied peacocks are spot on--making everything work seamlessly together.

You really need to see these rooms to appreciate them. So go! I think you'll agree with me that there's nothing...absolutely nothing...that should be changed. 

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Unknown said...

Dear Mr. Kaplan, (I'm being respectful, since we don't know each other - no need to come back at me with the 'Call me Buzz, my Father is "Mr. Kaplan"' smarm ;)). I stumbled across your site today (tripped and fell down is more apt - I'm hooked). I need to thank you and thank you again for your blog posts. They are not only hilarious but educational and I was sorely in need of both information and humor today. I live in a town overrun with art and antique dealers and my 'neighbors' ("aliens", indeed) have never been as neighborly as you seem to be. Yesterday, I went in search of a vitrine in my local shops - only I didn't know it was called a 'vitrine'. I was met with arched eyebrows and micro-smirks when I asked if anyone had a 'small curio cabinet or standing display case' for sale. My bad. I'll know better when I do the rounds tomorrow. Thanks again for your wonderful site. I will be sure to visit C. Mariani Antiques very soon. - sincerely, Leigh Anne