Monday, February 20, 2012


What's an accolade? Not sure. Sounds like a refreshing grape drink, kind of like the one that San Francisco's own Cult Leader Jim Jones drank in Guyana.

Mmmmm. I'm really parched and that looks so refreshing....But NO!



Not only is it empty calories, but history tells us that THIS JUICE was actually liquid rat poison that Jones (who was a psycho rat) used's too weird to talk about here. Google him. Or not. Let's just say I wouldn't associate two of the top interior designers in San Francisco with rodents (although I'm a rabid Animal Rights Activist and make a loving home for too VERY happy dogs, Jacky-Boy and Jamie-Girl).

Accolade (pronounced "AK oh! laid") is a word I found in the Thesaurus when I typed in applause. I typed in applause because that's what I want to do every time I see the interiors of Cecilie Starin and David Kensington. Not that they're an item or anything because they're not. Totally separate design firms. But they would make a cute couple, right?!

Anyhow, I think I strayed off topic. I'll start again.

They say a word says a thousand things. Wait...they say a picture is worth a thousand words? Or a thousand words say a single picture. Doesn't matter. The point is I want to show you some pictures of David's and Cecilie's amazing work at the 2012 Marin Designer Showcase house (running through this weekend, so you still have time to go!).

Cecilie Starin's Guest Retreat and David Kensington's Family Room at Villa Belvedere, are uber-refined, stylish and timeless.

Let's start with David Kensington's surprisingly contemporary family room (I usually think of David's incredible work more in terms of ultra-luxe period furniture but he obviously masters the modern as well):

These photos really don't do justice to David's room. It's so inviting, comfortable and chic. The artwork is made up of tiny Pantone color chips that change dramatically in tone and hue as you walk past each piece. Fabulous. And the way David mixes Deco with mid-century modern and abstracts is genius. I really would buy the entire room if I ever get a place with more than 450 square feet

Turning to Cecilie Starin Design, Cecilie never misses the mark: She always delivers the unexpected, exotic, eclectic and captivating. In past years, I've loved the rooms she did at the San Francisco Showcases. And now her Bedroom at the Marin Showcase gets added to that list:

Cecilie's rooms are works of art. Which makes sense because she was trained as a fine artist. Her look is like a refined but fresh still life. Very comfortable. Very classic. Very refined. Hmmmm-not unlike me on a good day.

The bottom line. This gal's just got a gift and it shows. The same goes for David only he's not a gal. Duh. Anyhow, they both skillfully juxtapose classic period pieces with contemporary, primitive, exotic, industrial and somehow make them all work together. Makes me pea green with envy but they're both so lovely that I'm trying to rise above that. But I'm saving my therapy sessions for my next post. For now, congrats to both David and Cecilie on their exceptional work at Villa Belvedere!

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