Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cher does not qualify as an antique (at least not yet) but many chairs do

Let's face it, Cher's been around forever.

But not as long as me and not long enough to qualify as an antique either. In the interests of full disclosure, I'm a big Cher fan and have been since 1967, when I interviewed her and Sonny for my high school newspaper, The Van Nuys Mirror.

What can I say? I was very into Alfred E. Newman at the time.

Anyhow, Cher was starring in her first movie (bet you didn't know she made her first film at 19.....and having seen it, you should consider this a blessing). It was called "Good Times" and it was such a stinker that they invited flunky high school journalists like me to write articles on it to get it some press.

But the only thing I remember about that day was that Cher was really nice, wore bell bottoms, and made me feel better about myself because I could see she had teen acne issues just like me. Unfortunately, acne has been the only thing Cher and I have ever had in common.

But this post is not supposed to be about acne....and it's not supposed to be about Cher either. It's supposed to be about CHAIRS-antique chairs. But I got sidetracked. And now I'm pooped and need to go feed my dogs. So please go to my next two posts,"Antique Chairs 101" and "Antique Chairs: The Master Class" for lots of good educational info on this topic.


Anonymous said...

You have great blog and this post is good!
best regards, Greg

Anonymous said...

Lady Gaga is probably my biggest guilty pleasure in music. I can't explain why I like her.
And you?

Unknown said...

Lady Gaga IS the Cher of the 21st century (so far). I like her too and I also can't explain why!