Wednesday, April 8, 2015


A Pair of 19th c. Napoleon III vitrines

Yesterday, I had one of our top interior design clients stop in and ask, "Buzz, where are the vitrines?" Pronounced "vuh-TREENS."

But she looked a bit disheveled. Plus I'm getting a bit hard of hearing-so I honestly thought she asked "where are the latrines." Pronounced "luh-TREENS." So I said, "Second door on your left sweetie…and after you've freshened up, let's look at some antiques!" She seemed a bit confused but headed for the restroom.

A Pair of 19th c. Biedermeier Vitrines, these filled with antique tortoiseshell boxes

Unfortunately (for me and her) a latrine isn't exactly a vitrine. A latrine is an outhouse, especially a communal one, like this one:

This piece is not available at C. Mariani so please don't contact me about it.

You can see that a latrine is quite different from a vitrine, which is a glass or partial glass display case or cabinet. Like the vitrines shown earlier in this post, here's another vitrine we have in stock:

A Stately 18th C. Parcel Gilt and Polychrome Italian Louis XVI Vitrine

And so are these:

A Pair of 19th c. English mahogany, brass and glass vitrines

Anyhow, my client returned from the restroom and said she couldn't find a single vitrine in there! But her lipstick and hair now looked great. So I just said, "Really? Oh yeah, I forgot, that vitrine sold. But let me show you some others! :)

So off we went and she wound up purchasing a lovely Louis XV vitrine very similar to this one:

In this case, I agree with Shakespeare: "All's well that ends well!" Happy hunting for a vitrine of your very own! :)


Anonymous said...

Que drole jeu d'esprit.

Unknown said...

Enchanté to you too. I have no idea why everyone these days feel they need to comment in French. Is French trending on Twitter or something?! I'd hate to miss THAT or any other critical twits.

William Randolf Hearst III said...

Great to hear from you Buzz.

I remain a big fan of all the Mariani collection.

You have a great eye. And especially the craftwork that you guys do on original, and reproduction work.

Keep me posted.

- Will

Unknown said...

Thanks Will. I appreciate it! :) Buzz

Joy Venturini Bianchi said...

You are one in a million! ... simply fabulous!!! Joy

Unknown said...

Aw shucks, Joy. You're the sweetest and thanks for your note. :)

Unknown said...

What a great looking collection and explanation of vitrines. I personally had no idea what these were until I stumbled across this looking for some new antiques to add to my collection. I love the idea of having a glass cabinet filled with these fragile pieces. Hopefully this will be great information for others who are looking for a new route to go in their collections. Thank you for sharing.